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Paleos in Orbit

If you think the lefty media are nothing but Abu Ghraib 24/7, try reading

paleo sites, which are now Ahmad Chalabi 24/7. And if you think there’s

rising panic among the Beltway neocons, down there among the paleos it’s

gibbering hysteria.

Steve Sailer, a guy who comes up with more interesting ideas per annum than

the average university, and who is a funny and literate writer with it (see

his review of the movie Troy in the current American Conservative), has let

his imagination loose on the Chalabi flap.

Steve’s conclusion: The Iranians, using Chalabi as their cats-paw, suckered

the cloddish George W. Bush and his administration of wily Zionists,

dim-bulb Affirmative Action hires, and blood-for-oil globalist-corporatist

schemers, into getting rid of their arch-enemy Saddam for them, by spinning

tales about WMD.

I have been urging Steve for some years to write a book, a thing he has not

yet done. I’d been thinking of something in the nonfiction line, but

reading this stuff, Steve, maybe you should give science fiction a try?


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