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Palin Advice

You know I’ve been saying Let Sarah be Sarah forever. Forever being Sept. 12. She did much better with Hugh Hewitt yesterday than in those Couric interviews.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but talking to a debate-prepper from debates past yesterday I ‘m more convinced at some point the cramming just has to stop. It makes sense — and I’ve been told — once you walk into those debates, it’s what you know that carries you through. That is, what you really know. I hope she has gotten to the point where she understands McCain, knows where the new stuff fits into her philosophy and biography and his and can adapt it all naturally. It sounded like that was coming together yesterday on Hewitt’s show. I thought she was fine when Sean Hannity interviewed her last month, but she sounded like someone who was new to the national scene, which she was and is. With Hewitt, yesterday, she sounded like she has gotten her sea legs (as I wrote here).

I don’t envy Sarah Palin. She’s been thrown into the fire, fast and furious.

Speaking of furious, if she comes out of that debate the winner, Joe Biden will be furious.


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