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Palin Appeal

Solution to the October math puzzle is here.

Sarah Palin? Yes, I have my doubts. Doubts, I mean, that she’d be able to resist the temptation to “go native” once installed in D.C. Her main appeal for me in the ‘08 campaign was as evidence that the GOP still had a few functioning brain cells. They gave us G. H. W. Bush and Dan Quayle; they gave us Bob Dole and Jack Kemp; they gave us G. W. Bush and Cheney; then, for anyone who had not yet put his GOP registration card into the waste disposal unit, they gave us John McCain.

Then, after that dismal parade of world-savers, cock-eyed optimists, WASP ethnomasochists, and Senate seat-warmers, here came Calamity Jane from out West, six-shooters a-poppin’. Who wouldn’t be bowled over? I still am. Good luck to her; and if she goes native in D.C., well, at least she’ll have to go native. From being something else.