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Palin Family Faces Death Threats

From BBC News:

But it has not been harsh press coverage that concerned her elderly parents, Chuck and Sally Heath.

In the kitchen of their Wasilla home, among an extraordinary collection of animal skins, skulls and bones, the spoils of a lifetime spent hunting and fishing, they told me that their whole family has faced death threats.

“As a mother I do have concerns about her safety and that of the kids… she knows how I feel, that it’s risky,” Sally said.

Palin’s father Chuck said a man recently had sent the family photocopies of a receipt for a gun he had bought, together with a photocopy of a one-way ticket to Alaska.

The family had laughed it off, but the man subsequently turned up in the state and was arrested by the FBI, Chuck said.

“We sleep with the guns,” Palin’s father admitted.

Palin also talks to the BBC her thoughts about a presidential run (she’s unsure if America’s ready for an “unconventional” candidate like her, who is “willing to tell it as she sees it”) and her irritation about media claims that she censored books (“That’s a lie”) and isn’t Trig’s mother.

UPDATE: Shawn Christy – who last fall sent Palin a receipt for a gun he had purchased, and notified her that he was planning on buying a one-way ticket to Alaska – has not been arrested by the FBI.

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