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Palin to Union Brass: ‘Turn Down the Rhetoric’

Sarah Palin blasted national labor leaders in a Thursday interview with Sean Hannity, calling on “union bosses” to “turn down the rhetoric” in Wisconsin, where Republican legislators have repeatedly been threatened and harassed in recent weeks. “Union bosses are acting like thugs,” she said. “They are leading some of their good union members down a road that could result in, unfortunately, somebody getting hurt, if you believe the death threats.”

The Badger State, she added, has become the central front in the country’s fiscal debate. She argued that it has been “strategically picked” by Democrats and their labor allies as a must-win political battle. As the 2012 election cycle approaches, prominent liberals, she predicted, will attempt to use Wisconsin as an opportunity to gin up progressives.

Palin pointed to filmmaker Michael Moore as an example of the Left’s approach. “Michael Moore is a hypocrite,” she said. “Here he is declaring war on the situation. It’s trying to get people to believe that what [Republican governor] Scott Walker has succeeded in doing, in trying to get their state to rein in government and live within their means, that that is somehow ‘declaring war’ on the working class. Look at Michael Moore in his own profession, choosing not to use union workers as crew members on his films. That’s hypocritical.”


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