The Corner

Palin’s Decision


Sarah Palin’s announcement that she would not seek the Republican nomination for president is, in my view, a loss for her party and the country. However, I predict she will be as or more effective as a private citizen. Though not without controversy, Palin has played a remarkable and transformative role in our politics in the past four years, all to the good. She is a conservative woman of faith who has blazed a trail for millions of women and girls who aspire to the public or professional arena without being required to twist themselves into a liberal, feminist mold. She is both feminine and tough, with inner core convictions and the willingness to fight for them, a trait that is both admirable and Thatcheresque

Exit polls verify she was a major asset to the GOP in 2008. She has campaigned tirelessly and helped elect conservative GOP candidates. I witnessed the valuable role she played in helping Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia win a critical special election by a landslide for what was then the 41st GOP Senate seat. She encouraged and freely gave her celebrity and imprimatur to the Tea Party movement.

The GOP has often been known to kick a gift horse in the mouth. I certainly hope it has not done so with Sarah Palin. Whether she ever runs or is elected president, she is a valued and valuable member of the team we need to restore America to greatness and prosperity again.