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Pape at Large

René Pape singing in Verdi’s opera Simon Boccanegra at the Salzburg Festival in the summer of 2019 (Salzburg Festival / Ruth Walz)

René Pape grew up in East Germany — Dresden. He was a member of their Kreuzchor, a boys’ choir. He and I discussed this, years ago. We touch on it again in a podcast, here. We talked in Salzburg, outdoors, as church bells rang out from time to time.

He is a very interesting cat, Pape. He is one of the greatest singers of our time — a bass. He is a huge star wherever they care about classical music, and singing in particular. We talk about his life, the profession, and so on. Pape once recorded a little John Denver: “Follow Me.” He sings a bit of it, in our podcast.

Just a bonus, from a remarkable person. Get to know him a bit — again, here.

P.S. While we’re on opera, sort of: I’ve done a review of Alcina (Handel) from the Salzburg Festival. All sorts of issues come up. For that review, go here.

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