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Or at least my nomination for same — Charles Moore, from his current Spectator column:

‘Disturbingly’, said the BBC reporter, the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party is on the rise in Greece. Yes, it is disturbing. But the rise of a nasty group which sounds like a brand of peanut butter and is still well under double figures in poll percentage is only one of hundreds of symptoms of rising misery in Europe. It was disturbing, last year, that unelected leaders were forced by the European authorities upon Italy and Greece. It is disturbing that entire states, such as Ireland, are mortgaged to European control in order to save banks. It is disturbing that, as a result of cheap over-borrowing misleadingly guaranteed by the euro, nearly half the youth of southern Europe is now unemployed. Above all, it is disturbing that the eurozone leaders’ answer to this, the biggest disaster of the continent in my lifetime, is ‘more Europe’. I don’t want the BBC news to tell me what is disturbing, but if it must, it should broaden its definition.


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