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Paranoia Will Destroya

OMG, Republicans sent out a mailer with a picture of Obama that read “AMERICA MUST LOOK EVIL IN THE EYE AND NEVER FLINCH.” Wait, what? That doesn’t look like Obama at all; in fact, it’s actually Osama Bin Laden? Whoops.

I guess Talking Points Memo better apologize:

I grapple with whether it’s paranoia at this stage to think that the GOP is conflating Obama and Osama visually — as they have so often conflated them textually and rhetorically. But look at the pic closely. You’ve got the turban and beard photoshopped out or otherwise obscured. The flared bulb of the nose is gone, leaving only the narrower bridge. And the photo appears darkened to match Obama’s complexion.

You be the judge. But in politics, as in advertising, images are rarely accidental.

Translation: “All brown people look alike, so you can’t really blame us right? I mean I know shouldn’t say brown people look alike, but we’re liberals. We constitutionally incapable of racist attitudes. Besides, if Republicans weren’t so evil as to justify our unfounded paranoia we never would have would have made this mistake in the first place, and the rage I feel for them is the only thing that keeps me warm at night.”


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