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Parents Deserve to Know about Their Children’s Gender Confusion

A basic principle of safeguarding is that “secrets” between children and non-related adults are red flags.

When the school district in Madison, Wis., instructed its employees to oversee the gender transition of children in their care, treating boys who identify as girls as girls and vice versa, without their parents’ knowledge or consent, this gave parents in the district cause for concern.

Fortunately, after legal intervention in February, a state court issued on Monday prohibited Madison Metropolitan School District from keeping parents out of the loop on all things gender. Roger Brooks, senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, who argued the case on behalf of the parents, said:

It should go without saying that school district staff should be honest with parents, especially when it comes to critical matters concerning their children, but we are pleased that the court has issued an order now requiring it. . . . As this case moves forward, we will continue to argue for our clients’ legitimate concern over the Madison Metropolitan School District’s policy of deceiving parents and excluding them from profound decisions involving the wellbeing of their own children.


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