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Earlier today, I had a post about Princeton University: One hundred fifty-seven faculty or staff contributed to the presidential candidates — 155 of them to Obama, 2 to Romney. The two were a visiting lecturer in engineering and a custodian.

Lots of reader mail, including this: “My son is a junior in high school, and is a member of the Republican Club. Its sponsor is one of the secretaries because they could not find a teacher who would sponsor it.”

Entirely typical. I once spoke to a College Republican group in Florida. Their adviser was a Democrat — a kindly, broadminded man. He agreed to advise them, because, as I remember, there was no Republican on the faculty.

I have a friend who works at a thoroughly liberal newspaper. (“Liberal” in the modern, corrupt sense. Left-wing, is what they are.) He is a conservative. I asked whether there were other conservatives at the paper. Not among the writers and editors, he said — but among the secretaries, janitors, and truck drivers, yes.

Kind of interesting.

P.S. I was taught that the Democratic party was the party of the common man, and the Republican party was the party of the rich. You?

P.P.S. Got a note from a member of the Princeton Republicans. I have a feeling there’s much more Republicanism among the students than among the teachers. I hope that worries the teachers. 

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