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The Party Begins

Byron on The Vast Left Wing Establishment:

as the Kossacks go to Chicago, Democrats are in control of the House and the Senate, and some owe their victories to netroots support. And just look at the people who are coming to visit YearlyKos: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and many others. That’s an impressive lineup from anyone’s point of view — the kind of turnout one would normally see for a major Democratic constituency, like a big labor organization or the NAACP. YearlyKos has attracted virtually everyone who is anyone in the Democratic establishment.

Emphasis on “establishment.” The turnout in Chicago shows that the Kossacks and colleagues from other activist websites have taken their place as the newest wing of the establishment in Democratic-party politics. They’re not exactly the new bosses; it’s not as if the unions and interest groups have disappeared, but it is true that the netroots now rank alongside them. A candidate who wants to win can no longer ignore the netroots, even if he or she would like to. Politicians like Reid and Pelosi, who not too long ago paid little attention to blogs and new activist groups, now cultivate the netroots at every opportunity.

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