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The Party of Big Government

Step forward the latest bone-headed big government Republicans. Their names? Mike DeWine (a senator, amazingly) and Tom Davis (a congressman, astonishingly). In alliance with Ted Kennedy and the appalling Henry Waxman, these know-nothings are promoting a bill to give the FDA authority over tobacco products. That’s a bad idea to start with, but, interestingly, the bill also includes specific provisions banning certain types of flavored cigarettes (strangely, no flavors manufactured by Philip Morris are prohibited…). The whys and wherefores of this latest piece of legislative excess are discussed by Jacob Sullum in an excellent piece on Reason’s website, but this treacle-flavored phrase oozing out of Davis should tell you all that you need to know (and, yes, you can guess what’s coming):

“This bill will help keep our children away from tobacco products and protect them from being targeted by the tobacco industry.”

Ah, ‘the children’, the tiny, gap-toothed, tow-headed hallmark of worthless legislation everywhere.

Davis and DeWine should go and look for work somewhere more worthy of their talents. I believe that Burger King is hiring.

Those with a taste for the truly bizarre should also follow Sullum’s link to a remarkable assertion made last year by the hyperbolic National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse: “Girls and young women who drink coffee are significantly likelier than girls and young women who do not to be smokers (23.2 percent vs. 5.1 percent) and drink alcohol (69.8 percent vs. 29.5 percent). Young women who drink coffee began smoking and drinking at earlier ages.”

That’s probably true, but so what? Is there something about the difference between correlation and causation that those folks don’t understand?

Interestingly, Florida First Lady Columba Bush sits on CASA’s board. She, along with other people who should know better, makes a fool of herself by associating with such charlatans.


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