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Party of Death: Liberal Silence

Here’s what I would reall like to see: a very critical, substantive, review from an intellectually serious liberal. I don’t care if they want to score points about the title, so long as they move on. Is Ramesh right about Roe? About Steven Levitt? Stem cells? Why? Why not? As of right now I am unaware of any serious liberal reviewer having the guts to challenge Ramesh’s arguments on the merits. I think if this continues it will be something of a small scandal. Where is the New York Times review? The Post? I’m sure some of the liberal egghead mags will come out with a review eventually (whether they will try to dismiss it or enegage it remains to be seen). But what’s the hold-up?

I think part of the answer is liberals want the book to just go away. I can understand that, but here’s where that’s ultimately counter-productive. The book provides newer, better and clearer (non-religious) arguments to pro-lifers and other conservatives. These arguments may pop-up in unexpected places, but they will pop-up. It seems to me the left would be smarter — and more honorable — if it tackled the book head-on now. If it can.

And, yes, while I am really interested in reading a substantive critique of the book from the left, I am also peppering this post with implied chicken clucks.


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