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Passion P.S.

The New York Post is in the midst of controversy for holding their own preview of what was allegedly a stolen copy of The Passion. The Post got together a rabbi, a professor, a priest, a professional reviewer, and a Post reader. The professionals’ reactions really aren’t surprising. But, once you’ve seen the movie, the nonsense coming from that Post priest is particularly jarring. Father Mark Hallinan of a Catholic parish in Manhattan said calls one of the coolest touches in the movie a “nonsensical flashback.” It’s a scene where Christ is building a table, as his mother prepares a meal, I believe. It’s just a great, humanizing scene (a good relief point in a brutal film, too) which ends with the mother and son joking around. It shows Christ–who we would otherwise only really see in the context of his suffering and death–as an attractive guy who can work with his hands, has a great sense of humor, and loves his mother with a deep and abiding gratitude. And she is a women who adores her son. While the table isn’t in the Bible, it’s just a great scene. That’s subjective, of course, but it is one of the many signals from Gibson that he truly gets it. It’s the kind of thing I want a priest to get.


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