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As Past Accusations Surface, Cain Focuses on Tax Plan

Washington, D.C. — Herman Cain, under fire for Politico’s overnight report on past sexual-harassment accusations, was confident this morning at the American Enterprise Institute, where he discussed his tax proposal.

Cain’s at-ease manner was aided in part by the nature of the AEI program.

Over the course of his presentation, Cain was not asked to take questions from the Beltway press, dozens of whom crowded the dais.“I want people to stay focused on 9-9-9,” Cain said at one point, as he detailed his plan and his business experience.

Cain will speak at the National Press Club this afternoon. Expect national-network cameras, as they did at AEI, to stake out the event, hoping for comment on the Politico story.

UPDATE: After his tax chat, Cain took questions from select reporters and guests. But questioners were advised to stick to the tax topic, per AEI’s rules. Questions revolved around growth and 9-9-9.

UPDATE II: Cain was asked by ABC’s Jon Karl about Politico’s story during the Q-and-A session. He would not answer when pressed to expand on the story, telling Karl that he’s sticking to the AEI ground rules.

UPDATE III: In his final remarks this morning at AEI, Cain predicted that his campaign will continue to rise. “One simple reason: the people,” he said.

“The party may resist,” he chuckled, “but the flavor of the month still tastes good . . . The people have propelled my candidacy.” He promised, as he left the room, to “stay Herman.”