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Pat Buchanan: Some Guy Named Goldfarb Did It

Today, Patrick J. Buchanan offers his theory of the radiation poisoning in London. It couldn’t have been Putin, you see, because why would he dare to do such a thing? Rather, Litivinenko might have been poisoned by his own friends – friends who happen to have the names of Goldfarb and Berezovsky: “What benefit could Putin conceivably realize from the London killing of an enemy of his regime, who had just become a British citizen? Why would the Russian president, at the peak of his popularity, with his regime awash in oil revenue and himself playing a strong hand in world politics, risk a breach with every Western nation by ordering the public murder of a man who was more of a nuisance than a threat to his regime?”

Putin, the former KGB strongman who appears to be re-totalitarianizing Russia, is being set up, you see. By Jews. Maybe we should rename him Pat Buchan, after the conspiracy novelistJohn Buchan , whose views on certain matters he seems to share. UPDATE: I should have left Buchan out of this, since there is a society of people determined to defend him against the charge of anti-Semitism. He’s not the issue here. Buchanan is.


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