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Pat Roberts Receives Primary Foe’s Endorsement

When Pat Roberts defeated Dr. Milton Wolf in August’s Republican primary, he probably didn’t envision that the endorsement of the tea-party favorite might be a pivotal part of his reelection bid against independent candidate Greg Orman. Now, four days before Election Day and deadlocked in a surprisingly competitive contest, Wolf’s endorsement may help the incumbent senator get a victory on Tuesday.

Wolf, who lost to Roberts by about seven points in August after a contentious primary, called on his Facebook page for his supporters to put aside their qualms with Roberts’s conservative credentials and back him as part of an effort to remove Harry Reid as Senate majority leader:

Whatever your opinion of Pat Roberts, his re-election to the United States Senate may be the deciding factor that dethrones Harry Reid and elevates solid constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul into positions of influence to save America from Barack Obama and so I urge you, I urge all Kansans, to set aside our differences and vote Republican in this critical Senate race on November 4th.

He assured his supporters that he would “do everything in my power to hold [Roberts’s] feet to the fire” if the senator were reelected.

Last month, Politico reported that Wolf was considering endorsing Orman over Roberts, which would have been a big blow to the Republican especially at the height of Orman’s surge in the polls. But today’s announcement could encourage enough of Wolf’s tea-party following to propel Roberts to a victory, as polls show him in a dead heat against Orman.