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Pat Robertson

He didn’t come out to well in the testimony of many readers. Here’s one:

Jonah, again, thanks for bringing this fascinating topic up.

The massive difference between Pat Robertson and prophetic portions of the Bible which might indicate that if ‘enough’ people were to repent and call on the name of the Lord THEN he would change his mind, is that Pat Robertson is NOT in the position of a prophet, who, according to Jewish and Christian tradition, stands in a position of being able to understand the mind and purposes of God. A further stipulation is that the mind and plan of action of God have been revealed to the prophet, such that God says to the prophet, “proclaim to such and such people that this and that will occur if they do not repent and call on me for salvation.” This is all very clearly laid out, as the case of the Book of Jonah illustrates (“40 days and Ninevah will be destroyed!!” The implication is: “unless you repent…”).

But Pat Robertson is issuing these proclamations perhaps in the effort to drum up

support/viewers/money/etc., but not because he’s a prophet with access to the divine council.


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