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Anti-Republican Vandals Deface Pat Toomey’s Neighborhood

Vandals have attacked several houses in Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey’s neighborhood, scrawling anti-GOP screeds in red spray paint across the street from the Toomey residence in Zionsville, Pa.

Nazi, Slavers, Rapists, Cross Worshipers GOP,” read one message. “#Americans Against the Republican Party,” read the graffiti on another house.

Look Out Toomey and Your Neo Nazi Republicans,” read a third.

Toomey, currently locked in a tight race with Democrat Katie McGinty in his bid for reelection, has condemned the attack, calling the politically motivated vandalism “absolutely disgusting” when asked about the incident following the final U.S. Senate debate in Pennsylvania. McGinty’s campaign has also condemned the attack.

The vandalism is the second major incident of anti-Republican vandalism in the run-up to the 2016 election. Just two weeks ago, a North Carolina GOP office in Hillsborough was firebombed. Vandals there also accused Republicans of bigotry: spray painting “Nazi Republicans” on the property.

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