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A Patriot in The Ivory Tower

NR’s own Bruce Bartlett, economist extraordinaire, sends along the following note:

I am doing a review of Jagdish Bhagwati’s new book [In Defense of Globalization: and looked up his bio. Despite the fact that he and his wife are both Columbia professors and the fact that his daughter graduated with a degree in English from Yale, he notes in his bio that his daughter is now a lieutenant in the U.S. Marines. Based on education and parentage, it’s hard to imagine a more unlikely person to join the Marines. Also, given the prevailing winds in academia (especially in New York), it’s touching to see this fact listed in his official university bio. Might be worth mentioning [in The Corner].

It is indeed worth mentioning. As also that Professor Bhagwati is learned, humane, wry, and amusing, as I discovered when I chaired a debate on Uncommon Knowledge between Bhagwati and the protectionist Walden Bello. To look over the transcript or to watch the show in streaming video, click here.


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