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Patriot, Singer, Country Singer

Somehow NRO failed to mark Roy Acuff’s centenary back in September

Better late than never:

a reader pays tribute:

“Besides his singing career you have to love him for his politics. In high

school I joined the debate team just to go to a birthday party for Mr. Acuff

at the Grand Ole Opry in 1984. (The fact that President Reagan was swinging

by on a campaign stop as well might have had something to do with it as

well.) But besides hosting Presidents Reagan and Nixon at the Opry Mr.

Acuff was always a good Republican. He even ran for governor in Tennessee

in 1948. And maybe the WW2 Japanese troops are reported to have yelled ‘To

hell with Roosevelt! To hell with Babe Ruth! To hell with Roy Acuff!’

because Acuff had a song during the war called ‘Cowards Over Pearl Harbor’.

I’m also pretty sure that most of us would take the King of Country Music

over the King of Pop any day.”

Amen to that last!


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