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‘Patriotism Is Becoming “White Supremacy”‘

I’m on the same page as Charlie regarding Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech that has been lied about relentlessly, with ominous implications, I believe. I wrote about it on the homepage today:

Never before has a speech extolling America’s virtues and the marvels or the nation’s heroes played to such poor — and completely dishonest — reviews.

At Mount Rushmore on Friday night, President Trump gave a speech that was very tough on the woke Left, while largely celebrating America — its Founders, its ideals and freedom, its capacity for self-renewal, its astonishing variety of geniuses, adventurers, warriors, inventors, and great musicians and athletes.

Then, his speech ended, and the press piled on with one of its most its unhinged and dishonest performances of his presidency, which is saying something.


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