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Proof that the readers of this happy Corner are not merely thoroughly informed and right-thinking, but very, very kind:

The Wolfe interview is fascinating – answers *and* questions. Though I do find it a bit painful, or perhaps sad is better, when I hear

someone I admire and whose intellect I respect admit to disbelief in

God. Belief seems to me to be the only logical answer remaining (per

the Holmesian syllogism). Apparently faith is truly a gift.

Of course I still enjoy reading Derb, too. So I carry on.

Me: Precisely the right approach.

Yesterday, when Wolfe mentioned the 7 or 8 thousand, ahem, “moments” happening at any given second, you said you were “smiling” but didn’t want to because you didn’t want your children to see you smiling at such a remark. [Tom was arguing, impishly, that, thanks to Dr. Freud, there is a great deal more–how shall we put this?–physical intimacy taking place at any given moment than would otherwise have been the case.]

You may have been suppressing a smile, Mr. Robinson. But you were also blushing.

I have a husband–naval officer, owns several fire arms, e.g. a very macho type of guy–who would have the same reaction, and who would also think of his children’s seeing that reaction in like circumstances. And I thought, “I’m glad my children have a Dad who would blush.”

So, good for your kids, too.

Me: [Blushing, as, too embarrassed to think of any response, moves on to…]

I’ve especially enjoyed the last few interviews you’ve done and the

Tom Wolfe piece is fascinating. As I watched today I thought about how

this is what is going to replace TV eventually and how enjoyable it

was to be able to view at my own time and place. What a great way for

the quality of your work to shine through. Do you ever put all the

pieces together to watch uninterrupted?

Me: We do indeed. During the first week, as you know, we roll out each interview in five parts, one part to a day, Monday through Friday. But beginning with the second week, each interview is available in total, and, to watch it uninterrupted, you need only navigate to the Uncommon Knowledge archives on the Hoover Institution website.

Thank you for your interview (for the first four parts, at any rate, and looking forward to the fifth) with the author of A Man In Full and I Am Charlotte Simmons. I deeply love both those books, and this is the first interview I’ve seen (sheltered life and all that) with the author. What a pleasure to see him and hear him.

Could you somehow post your prior interview with him, I think from 10 years ago per your remarks?

Me: With pleasure. That show, along with the couple of hundred others I’ve shot over the years, resides (as see my comments above) in the Uncommon Knowledge archives. You’ll find it right here.


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