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Pat’s “Dual Loyalty”

One of the hilarious bits from Frum’s piece is this item about Pat Buchanan that I didn’t know:

“Pat Buchanan, one can say, permitted a dual loyalty to influence him. Although he had denied any vital American interest in either Kuwait’s oilfields or Iraq’s oilfields or its aggression, in l991 he urged that the Sixth Fleet be sent to Dubrovnik to shield the Catholics of Croatia from Serbian attack. “Croatia is not some faraway desert emirate,” he explained. “It is a ‘piece of the continent, a part of the main,’ a Western republic that belonged to the Habsburg empire and was for centuries the first line of defense of Christian Europe. For their ceaseless resistance to the Ottoman Turks, Croatia was proclaimed by Pope Leo X to be the ‘Antemurale Christianitatis,’ the bulwark of Christianity.””

Geez. Talk about letting your religio-ethnic loyalities dictate your foreign policy–and violate your principles in the process. At least the supposed “Jewish fifth column” in this country is consistently interventionist.


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