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Paul: ‘The Country is Coming our Way’

Ron Paul thinks he’s having an impact.

“I have great news for the cause of liberty: the country is coming our way,” Paul told the Republican Leadership Conference in a speech today.

Paul said he sees the country improving on four planks: civil liberties, growing unwillingness to fight “no-win wars,” realizing we’re too far in debt and spending too much, and understanding the role of the Federal Reserve in damaging the economy.

He lambasted the drive to regulate. “The good intentions always get out of control,” Paul remarked, noting how the FDA’s push for safe food outlawed food products that some Americans would like to purchase. “I think we ought to vote for the right to drink raw milk!” he said.

Paul also argued against those who feared legalizing medical marijuana. “We shouldn’t be afraid of people making their own choices,” he said. He derided the country’s high prison population:  “I don’t think the American people are that bad.”

He spoke of slashing the corporate tax, and said, as president, he’d “freeze the federal register and then start shrinking it. No new regulations!”

At the conclusion of his speech, Paul urged conservatives to be optimistic.

“There’s every reason not to have a long face,” he said, noting that the “momentum’s with us … others who are running for leadership are starting to use our language.”

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