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Paul Gosar Hangs Out with Racists to Own the Libs

Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona speaks during a panel discussion in Orlando, Florida, February 27, 2021. (Octavio Jones/Reuters)

Here is Paul Gosar responding to criticism of his reported upcoming fundraiser with extremist Nick Fuentes:

Well, of course, you don’t have to agree with someone 100 percent of the time to ally with them. Who does? I disagree with my colleagues about lots of things — immigration and health-care policy, and about the finale of Lost. But there are certain disagreements that are dealbreakers for any decent person. Take, for example, disagreements over whether people who work for Jews are “race traitors” or whether the Holocaust happened or whether segregation was good for black Americans. That sort of thing.

Gosar, by the way, sure seems to allow the Left to “dictate” his position, by embracing anyone progressives show any antagonism toward. While left-wingers have a hair-trigger on the ‘racist’ allegation, sometimes they happen to be right. Like this time.

Then again, that is perhaps the most charitable reading of Gosar’s habit of teaming up with white supremacists. Another reading is that he agrees with them but lacks the spine to say it. You don’t speak at a white-nationalist conference and then fundraise with someone who pines for fascism by accident.


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