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Paul: I’d Vote for Air Strikes ‘in a Heartbeat’

Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) offered perhaps his most definitive stance on taking action against the Islamic State, saying he would “vote yes . . .  in a heartbeat” to approve air strikes against the Islamic State.

Paul has been pushing back against the “isolationist” label that has dogged him, seeking to clarify his approach to foreign policy. President Obama should go before a joint-session of Congress to make the case for strikes and get congressional approval, Paul made clear.

Critics have misinterpreted his views and called him an isolationist because he has been “judicious” in supporting intervention abroad, Paul said. The United States should intervene wherever necessary to combat radical Islam, he said, but taking action in countries such as Libya and Iraq in the past has been more detrimental than beneficial.

“Toppling dictators around the world has actually created more radical Islam and allowed them to flourish,” he explained. “What I would say is we’ve made a mistake where we intervened, but I have never said we should never intervene.”


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