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Paul Slams ‘the Rubio-Obama Foreign Policy’

Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) doesn’t plan to let Republican rivals get away with tying him to President Obama’s foreign policy.

Paul’s team responded to Senator Marco Rubio’s latest criticism of Paul’s support for an opening to Cuba by turning the attack back on the Florida Republican.

“With all due respect, Senator Marco Rubio was captain of the GOP cheerleading team for Obama’s arming of Syrian rebels, bombing Libya resulting in a jihadist wonderland, and illegally giving foreign aid to Egypt’s military government,” Doug Stafford, a senior advisor to Paul, said in a statement to National Review Online. “The Rubio-Obama foreign policy has made the Middle East and North Africa less safe.”

Rubio dubbed Paul “a supporter of the Obama foreign policy” on Sunday morning when NBC’s Chuck Todd asked for a reaction to Paul’s Friday suggestion that Rubio’s Cuba policy is isolationist.

“My interest here is singular,” Rubio said. ”And that is freedom and democracy for the people of Cuba. I want people in Cuba to have what people in the Bahamas have, what people in Jamaica have, what people in the Dominican Republic have, which is freedom and elections. And I just don’t think that this policy that the president has put in place furthers that goal.”



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