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Paul: State’s Security Denial ‘Most Egregious Part’ of Benghazi

​For Senator Rand Paul, the most troubling — and overlooked — issue regarding Benghazi is the denial of repeated requests by the State Department for enhanced security.

“I’ve always been more concerned that the mistakes were made leading up to this, you know, about security, or lack of security,” Paul told CNN’s Erin Burnett last night. “When the ambassador asked for more security, and it was denied by Secretary Clinton, I’ve always thought that was the most egregious part of this.” He called Clinton’s denials a “dereliction of duty.”

Paul said he wasn’t sure whether the situation could be called a “cover-up,” but noted that he didn’t know why administration officials repeatedly blamed the attacks on a YouTube video when no one on the ground in Libya thought that was the case.

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