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Pawlenty Goes ‘Daily’

The Minnesota governor, and probable presidential candidate, chats with Jon Stewart:

Last night, in midtown Manhattan, Pawlenty spoke to a small gathering of supporters. Through a friend, I was able to attend. He had just come from the Daily Show.

Pawlenty sounded very much like a man running for president. The soft-spoken guv has a simple message: promote freedom around the world and fiscal discipline at home. Though quite critical of the Obama administration on the usual fronts, he doesn’t sound angry. He’s just not that kind of guy. So it’s no surprise that he seems to be at his best when talking about his Minnesota record and Paul Ryan-type reform, not nine-irons. With Mitch Daniels, another amiable budget-cutting governor, rising in the 2012 chatter, I wonder where Pawlenty fits in the crowd.

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