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Paying Homage to The Left

Reilly Capps reports in today’s Washington Post that Joe “Have You Heard About My Wife?” Wilson has won the first Ron Ridenhour Award for Truth-Telling. The Post headline is “Paying Homage to Truth and Its Consequences.”

Wilson appeared with leftist Daniel Ellsberg, who also won a Ridenhour Award. Then we learn the award is organized in part by “The Nation magazine’s foundation, the Nation Institute.” Capps doesn’t explain to less knowledgeable readers that the Nation has generally been a nest of CIA abolitionists and spy-haters, at least if the spies are acting in U.S. interests. It doesn’t call them “left-wing” or even “progressive.”

Unsurprisingly, “In their remarks, Wilson and Ellsberg leveled blistering criticism at the Bush administration.” The Post calls that “paying homage to the truth.”

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