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You really can’t make this stuff up. We now have “Critical Math,” with that

word “critical” understood as in “critical legal theory”–i.e. it means

“raving lefty.” Just been reviewing some stuff put out by a certain Marilyn

Frankenstien [I am not making this up, I swear] at the “Critical Math

Educator’s Group.” Sample:

In “Scenes from the Inferno”, Alexander Cockburn (1989) wrote about the

reality behind the so-called triumph of capitalism. One of his illustrations

is particularly relevant for a critical mathematics education: in Chile,

where in some Santiago neighborhoods, “the diet of 77 to 80 percent of the

people does not have sufficient calories and proteins… to sustain life”,

Pinochet’s regime measured malnutrition in relation to a person’s weight and

height, in contrast to the usual comparison of weight and age. “So a stunted

child is not counted as malnourished, and thus is not eligible for food

supplements”. (p. 510) This talk will explore the connections between

understanding the outrageousness of collecting such statistics, and acting

to change the outrageousness of such situations…

Note how desperately the Lefties still cling, 30 years later, to the fantasy

of an emerging “progressive” Chile nipped in the bud by the mega-evil

Pinochet and his CIA/capitalist enablers. To you and me the great political

monsters of the 20c were Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Kim Il

Sung, Castro & so on. To Lefties they were Pinochet, Pinochet, Pinochet,

Pinochet and Pinochet. Actually my impression of Pinochet’s Chile is that

it did rather well economically, & was no more politically repressive than

the average S. American nation–which is to say, around 0.01 per cent as

repressive as Cuba.


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