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The ‘Peace’ Flotilla’s ‘American’ Casualty

The Post’s online headline today is “American teenager among those killed in Israeli raid of aid flotilla.” So you figure he was probably a leftie — maybe grew up in Portland or Madison, skateboarding after classes on the evils of patriarchy at Malcolm X High, working as a barista at Starbucks, getting tattoos and lip-piercings.

Uh, no:

Clinton identified the victim as Furkan Dorgan, 19. He was born in Troy, N.Y., while his father, Ahmet Dorgan, was pursuing an MBA at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The elder Dorgan received the degree in 1992, according to his Web site at Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey.

Furkan Dorgan apparently returned to Turkey at age 2 and held dual citizenship. Turkish media reports said he attended Kayseri science high school and had been accepted to a university for the fall. He wanted to be a doctor.

This is akin to the Hamdi case and is actually a lot worse than giving citizenship to the child of illegal-alien parents who live here — at least a kid in that situation actually grows up here. There’s just no excuse for someone born here while his parents were here for a temporary stay to have American citizenship.

That points to a possible compromise reform to the citizenship rules: Only children born here with at least one U.S. citizen or legal resident (green-card holder) parent get automatic citizenship, while those born to anyone else, whether illegal aliens or temporary visa holders, would be granted citizenship at, say, age 12 only if they’d lived here for at least ten years.


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