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“Peace” Movement Update

From a circular making the Defense Department rounds:

[A] DoD family member while driving her vehicle and stuck in traffic was identified as having a DoD sticker. At the time there was an anti-war protest under way. When her vehicle was observed by the demonstrators, a member of the group yelled out “war bitch” and her vehicle was immediately surrounded. While some of the members pounded on her vehicle with their fists, others “keyed” it and wrote the word “peace” on the paint finish. … It is recommended DoD personnel should avoid these protest at all cost. Even though the protesters proclaim on National TV that they support the military members involved in the war in Iraq, there are numerous members of the various Anti-war groups who do not share this view and will assault DOD members once they are identified.”

I suggest that from now on as a matter of style we refer to the “Peace” Movement. I intend to, editors take note.


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