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This is almost a parody. Some yutz at Daily Kos trots out every cliche and dark fantasy about conservatives and Republicans. We’re all racist yokels (particularly you southern folks) or string-pulling plutocrats. Here’s an excerpt almost at random:

The red staters have risen to power by harnessing the resentment resulting from a nearly century and a half long litany of grievances with the northern, godless, liberal, elitist damned yankee establishment or more aptly put, anybody who does not think as they do. This long running rage at northern society and progressive government has simmered like blackstrap molasses ever since the day that the signature of the hallowed General Robert E. Lee was affixed to the document of surrender at Appomattox and the confederacy was no more. This was a monumentally grievous injury to southern pride-far more sorrowful to many than even the cost in blood paid by loved ones on the battlefields of the Civil War. There was a bitterness that stuck in the craws of southerners, being passed down through subsequent generations as surely as Israeli or Palestinian hatred is taught from the earliest of ages. The Confederate battle flag became a revered symbol to the red staters.

This flag is flown by the descendents of the very cannon fodder mobilized on lies and racial hatred to fight a treasonous war against the legitimate government of their own country. Today it flies from suvs, trucks, cars, homes and statehouses in Dixie. It is emblazoned on hats and t-shirts, displayed by country music stars as they warble their jingoist ballads to adoring masses, it is a commonplace sight at the gross orgies of noise and intoxication that are NASCAR events or the rural fairs and carnivals that serve as a gathering place for those who are unable to afford the races due to lost jobs, government services and educational opportunities but who nonetheless are holding their own in the war on Roe v. Wade and Darwin. If you can’t get to Talladega you can always haul your fat ass brood around for dollar rides on the tilt a whirl, cheap corn dogs, elephant ears, cotton candy and fried okra. There are ring throwing and shooting games but nothing that would tax the mental retardation that home schooling induces on your little progenies who will one day grow up to be employees of the peckerwood emporium: Walmart. The titanic struggle against progressive society ensures that the ability to elect politicians who will advocate policies to provide well paying jobs, affordable housing, health insurance and quality schooling is sacrificed to empower only those seeking to transform America into a theocratic police state.


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