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Pedro V. Zimmer

I won’t get into the merits of Pedro throwing at people’s heads and slamming a 72-year old man to the ground—because it’s hard to be objective about such things. I will just relay an interesting juxtaposition of perspectives. I was in a car listening to the radio in Virginia on Saturday, and had to go back and forth from the ESPN radio broadcast and the Yankee WABC broadcast, depending on which came in best. On ESPN, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan were saying during the fourth-inning brouhaha, “The only one who deserves to be thrown out in this situation is Don Zimmer, for throwing a punch of Pedro Martinez.” Then I got the Yankee broadcast, and there was no mention of any Zimmer punch, instead it was all, “Pedro Martinez grabbed Don Zimmer by the head, and hurled him to the ground, in an act of ferocity nearly unparalleled in baseball history.” I kept it on the Yankee broadcast. Anyway, what a game! It was one of those “pull over” games—it was impossible to keep listening and driving at the same time in the ninth, so I had to stop at a gas station to hear the end…


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