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Peggy Noonan on Hillary

I think I’m clear-eyed about the Clintons, but this strikes me as a little overboard. Is it really that unusual that a politician who got half the vote in a drawn-out primary would want to try to leverage that support for something she wants? And is it really true that the Democrats recoiled from Hillary when half of them voted for her, and more voted for her the longer the race went on? I agree with Peggy and George Will that it would be a mistake for Obama to pick her as VP. I also think it might be a mistake for Hillary. There’s such pent up rage against her in the commentariat, especially the liberal commentariat–witness the brutal reaction to her RFK remark and her Tuesday night speech–that she’d be savaged for any mis-step. Better for her to make her exit, to be seen to be working selflessly for Obama, and then start her climb back on the basis of a giant “I told you so” if he loses: I told you to nominate the candidate with the most votes, to nominate the candidate running stronger against McCain (arguable, of course), to nominate the candidate who won the big traditional swing states. 


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