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Pelosi Aide Goes Ballistic On Vdh

From the Alameda Times-Star:

FEDERICO de Jesus owes Victor David Hanson an apology.

De Jesus, a staffer for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Cal., falsely accused Hanson, the distinguished author of the just-published book “Mexifornia” (Encounter, 2003), of racism and xenophobia at a recent Capitol Hill briefing.

During his introduction, Hanson, a scholar of ancient Rome and Greece, was aptly described as “a classicist.” De Jesus somehow interpreted that to mean that the author had a white “classist” bias against immigrants. Pelosi’s aide, who somehow earned a diploma without being able to make a distinction between a classicist and a classist, got ugly with Hanson and stormed out of the briefing in protest.


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