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Pelosi Boasts of Nats-Owning Neighbor, Media Unimpressed

Nancy Pelosi turned an opportunity to give her hometown team a shout-out into an occasion for name-dropping her elite connections, and the press ribbed her about it after she left her weekly press conference.

As she was pressed about Democrats’ shrinking chances this cycle on Tuesday, Pelosi abruptly began to walk away, but a reporter managed to draw the lawmaker back to the stage when he shouted a question about the San Francisco Giants, her local team.

While she roots for the Giants, Pelosi explained that her baseball allegiances are widespread. She boasted that her father, former Baltimore mayor Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., brought the Orioles to the city in the 1950s.

“And my next-door neighbor owns the [Washington] Nationals,” she said. (According to The Washingtonian, Pelosi lives in Georgetown near the son of managing principal owner Ted Lerner, although the whole family owns the corporation that owns the team.)

Sticking with the sports theme, and now back at the podium, Pelosi compared the upcoming midterms to the Olympics, where victory depends on thin margins. 

When Pelosi finally left for good, one reporter took a shot at her. “She did say, ‘My next-door neighbor owns the Nationals,’” he said, prompting laughter from other members of the press corps.


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