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Pelosi Praises ‘Master at Work’ Reid, ‘Decent Fellow’ Boehner

With a deal to reopen the federal government and raise the debt limit imminent, Nancy Pelosi had high praise for congressional leaders, especially Harry Reid.

“I never saw anything like what Harry Reid did,” Pelosi said on MSNBC on Wednesday afternoon. “To watch him was to watch a master at work — he was superb intellectually, politically astute, and the sheer stamina of it all.”

On the House side, Pelosi expected John Boehner to hold on to his speakership amid potential grumbling within the Republican caucus for bringing the deal for a vote, as he reportedly will do.

“Sure, he’s a decent fellow,” said Pelosi, who served as speaker before Boehner. “He has done the right thing at long last.”


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