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Pelosi presser

The children stuff was very annoying. The pledge to run “the most honest, ethical, and open Congress in history” will inevitably–given human nature–come back to haunt her. She notably never talked about winning the Iraq war, but only how to end it. Also, she basically said the war is still the president’s responsibility, and stumbled a bit when asked what the Democratic solution is if, as she says, it was the biggest issue behind their victory. Otherwise, she struck all the right notes–integrity, bi-partisanship, responsibility, etc., etc. The Democrats campaign platform that she again touted is very minimalist. If this is the way the Democrats govern in the next years–nothing wild-eyed, only looking to impress voters who want less confrontation and more competence in Washington–they will help themselves. Something tells me, however, it’s going to get more, uh, complicated than that, and probably sooner rather than later….