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Pelosi Storms Across House Floor to Confront GOP Rep.

Nancy Pelosi tried to run down a Republican congressman after he called her and other Democrats out for not addressing immigration and border security when they controlled both the House and Senate during President Obama’s first two years in office. Pennsylvania’s Tom Marino accused Democrats of exploiting the current crisis at the border for political gain.

On two occasions, Pelosi appeared to breach protocol and confront Marino while he was in the middle of a floor speech. During the first incident, an inaudible Pelosi appeared to say he was lying, which Marino refuted. He subsequenlty encouraged her “to do the research — you might want to try it.”

When the speaker pro tempore asked Marino to direct his comments to the assembly, Marino asserted that it “works both ways,” gesturing towards Pelosi. Marino went on to encourage Democrats to support the current-border security bill “because apparently I hit the right nerve” with Pelosi.

Pelosi then once more stormed across the House floor, raising her hand and pointing her finger at Marino. The floor was thrown in to a state of confusion before proceeding with the next speaker.

Marino took to Twitter and said that Pelosi called him “insignificant.” In a later interview, Marino described Pelosi as thinking she is “royalty,” but is actually “a prime example of why we need term limits.”

Pelosi’s office released a statement saying the congresswoman wanted to remind Marino that the Democrat-controlled Congress had the “courage” to pass the DREAM Act.


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