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Pelosi Willing to ‘Trust’ the Senate to Pass Reconciliation

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told a group of bloggers and reporters today that “I have no intention of not passing this bill. . . . I have faith in my members that we will be passing this legislation.”

In an effort to counter-program the clear mistrust between House liberals and the Senate, Pelosi said she had

“asked [the Senate] to show me what it is they can show me that I would be able to convince my members to go forward,” and added that she was “willing to trust the Senate that they are able to pass the reconciliation package.”

But Pelosi also acknowledged that she is working against the clock (while explicitly identifying the whole of the Republican party as a “special interest group.”)

“Time is important for us here, because this city is the city of the perishable and every special interest group out there who doesn’t want this to pass–including the entire Republican party–benefits from any delay,” Pelosi told those in attendance. “Delay is our enemy.”


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