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Pelosi’s Rant

House Republicans are suggesting that Nancy Pelosi’s floor speech scared some of their rank-and-file away.  But equally importantly, did it scare away some of her own rank-and-file?   Between the railing about “failed Bush economic policies,” and dramatically emphasizing the “SEVEN. . . HUNDRED . . . BILLION. . . DOLLARS,” it is a wonder that anyone wanted to vote for the bill.  Wouldn’t the job of the Speaker in that situation be to try to solidify her own party and draw in as many Republicans as she possibly can?  Or is it simply to set up the blame game for later?  Perhaps Nancy knew when she took the floor that there was no way that the bill was going to pass, and thus she decided to let er rip.  But tactically, this speech seems pretty ill suited for an end game of passing the bill.  Not a particularly bright move by the Speaker.


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