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Pence, romney, and pumpkin ravioli

John, first, don’t make my mouth water. I love pumpkin dishes of all kinds–pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin cheesecake, you name it–so this is a great time of year. But I don’t think the Pence/Romney comparison is fair. It was always obvious, I thought, that Pence-as-minority-leader was going nowhere. It’s by no means obvious that Romney is going nowhere, in fact he projects as a pretty strong candidate. And that matters. It’s a mistake simply to brandish poll numbers at this stage of the game. What were Clinton’s numbers early on? What were Kerry’s numbers in Iowa a month before the caucuses? (His numbers in New Hampshire, of course, were in the toilet.) If I were Romney at this point, I’d be very pleased with 9 percent. It’s a respectable showing for a newcomer, he’s gaining in the inside game, and there’s a long, long way to go.

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