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Who knows, but the odds still have to be that it is Pence. Certainly if Trump reverses field and picks someone else at this point, it will be the most humiliating treatment of a vice-presidential applicant ever (plus, Pence needs to fish or cut bait on the governor’s race by tomorrow). As I’ve written before, I’m not sure Pence makes a lot of sense, except as perhaps the most impressive conventional officeholder who is willing to run with Trump. The pick would signal Trump’s willingness to bend to the desires of the party, at least on this matter. Indeed, Trump-Pence would be the bastard spawn of the Trump-establishment alliance. I wonder how Trump thinks he’s going to deploy Pence. Will Pence be able to build crowds on his own, or will he be a dominant presence in the media? I’m guessing if Trump makes this pick, it is to placate the establishment, help smooth over any potential turbulence at the convention, get credit in some quarters for a safe, responsible choice, and then he will move on and not think much about his running-mate again after next week.



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