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Pennsylvania and Abortion (and Ideology)

Most recent SurveyUSA poll of Keystone State voters shows self-described “pro-life” voters going for Bush 68-28, while “pro-choice” voters go for Kerry 70-28. When you factor in that 41 percent of all likely voters are self-described as “pro-life,” while 49 percent label themselves “pro-choice,” you can see that Kerry is drawing from a bigger pool. Ugh. Also unpleasant: some 18 percent of “conservative” likely voters (about a third of Pennsylvania voters) say they’ll vote for Kerry, whereas only 7 percent of liberals (albeit but 1/7th of the state electorate) will swing for Bush. So nearly one out of every five Pennsylvania conservatives will vote for Kerry. Gee, I wonder why? All those who helped defeat Pat Toomey in April, please, don’t be shy: Take a bow!

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