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pennsylvania senate and the name game

My most frequently received e-mail this morning — in the dozens already — informs me that I, like the nothing burger president I voted for twice, am an idiot because Bill Casey and George Bush are clones. Anyone paying any attention to the Keystone State Senate race this year knows that is a ridiculous contention. The Santorum-challenging-Casey- to-name-the-former- president-of-iran- some-of-us-made-a-fuss-about-coming-here-not-long-ago part of last night’s debate never happened in the 2000 race. It was a different world. If Mitt Romney had no idea who Khatami was today I might be worried. Romney of course protested and refused to accomodate Khatami with state security when khatami was in Boston as it happens.

Just because his dad was president and every Lefty in America seems to think he is a mental midget doesn’t mean George W. Bush is. And agree or disagree with policies and styles and things, he’s proven that moron accusation silly. Further, never once in any debate — and some of them were painful — did W look like he knew little to nothing about the job he was applying for.If you think there is some similarity between Casey and Bush you did not watch last night’s debate. I urge you to.

And for those who didn’t see it, the Khatami thing was just a nice exercise Santorum threw at him — but only one of endless examples of a total cluelessness on Casey’s part.