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Pentagon Deletes Twitter Account That Referenced ‘Gigli’ After Philippine Theater Bombings

The Pentagon has deleted an agency Twitter account that joked earlier this week about a pair of movie theater bombings in the Philippines.

On Wednesday, the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization’s now defunct Twitter account, @JIEDDO, tweeted “Were they re-showing Gigli?” and linked to a report by the Philippine Information Agency on the blasts.

When the account received blowback, it doubled down. “Bad ppl doing bad thing didn’t warrant bad movie reference. Will punish #socialmedia rep by forcing 2 watch Gigli,” the agency tweeted.

Gigli is the much derided 2003 film about a low-level Los Angeles mob enforcer that stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. It currently has a 6 percent rating on the film-ratings site Rotten Tomatoes.

The account did apologize, but Pentagon press secretary George Little tweeted that he had ordered the account suspended. JIEDDO, which was created in February 2006 to combat improvised explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan, said in a statement Friday that those responsible for the tweets have been disciplined after an internal review. 

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